I first arrived to China in 2009. And my first experience I was confronted with on Beijing airport was a desperation of not being able to communicate. That time, I had already passed few years of Chinese language study, but that airport I found out, that without a long-term stay in China it is not very useful. The longer I stayed in China, the more things have revealed themselves to me. I begun to understand physical rules of China, which are sometimes shockingly different from ours. When I was eliminating the language barrier, I was eliminating the culture barrier as well. But I have learned that China requires patience and respect.

The time went by and I have forgotten about the first desperation. But it has showed itself once again. This time, it was not through my own experience. But through an experience of people, who are coming to China to travel, but ordinary daily tasks are suddenly extremely difficult; through people who come to China to do business, but it is impossible for them to succeed, because of not knowing the language, culture nor the people in China. I have found out, that the communication is not only about the language, but also about understanding the background. And the power of communication is as strong as much time you invest harvesting it.

People have various reasons to come to China. To meet something exotic, to see the world, they want to succeed, or find something new. But there is something common between all these people. Not only a reason, dream, but a big gap in achieving their dream. So I have decided to built a bridge over this gap. And I started this blog.

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