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Life in Wenshu monastery, Chengdu

This month, I am out on the road most of the time. One trip has ended, and I had to go for another one. Me newly married wife is not twice happy about it. But at least I will have some new stories to tell her. And some new pictures to put on my bog. This time, we are in Chengdu. My favorite city in China. Why? Because of the life, locals are having here. It is a huge city, but people know how to relax. Trust me, it is not so common in other Chinese cities.

My experiences from the great Shanghai

Have you ever wondered if a city has the characteristics of a man or the characteristics of a woman? I think Shanghai is definitely a woman. Right on the first date, she will suck you in with her appearance. Everyone is staring at Shanghai’s beauty with amazement in their face. They do not even mind the pain in the neck they are getting from watching all these skyscrapers. She will amaze everyone.

Pavel Dvorak jr. – interpreter, guide, photographer and bloger. China and Chinese language are my passions since childhood. I have started to study Chinese when I was fifteen years old, I have graduated Chinese studies in Czech Republic. I first came to China in 2009, I have been living in Shanghai since 2012.

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