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Architecture o Ladislav Hudec in Shanghai

I have just finished my photography project about architecture of Ladislav Hudec in Shanghai. Ladislav Hudec was a Slovak architect who studied in Hungary and made a huge career in Shanghai. He has built nearly 100 buildings in Shanghai, some of them is the most spectacular old architecture you can find in this amazing city. I was asked by a Slovak director Ladislav Kabos who shot a movie about him, to document 10 of his buildings for a new book he is writing. In the end I just did eight buildings, because I wasn’t allowed to go to the rest one. Why?

The Pan Clan Ancestral Hall of Jingping in Hunan

Everyone travelling between the ancient business town of Hongjiang and the infamous Fenghuang must change in Huaihua. Besides the regular bus, there is a fleet of illegal taxis waiting near the river to drive you north. Before going to the most crowded and popular ancient town of China, I had set my mind to stop in Jingling (荆坪) on the way to Huaihua. Explaining to the driver where was that ancient village and negotiating the fare was burlesque and the driver finally gave me that ‘why that crazy foreigner wants to go this forsaken village I never heard of’.

Phoenix town Fenghuang and surroundings

Hunan province is know for its ancient towns. Among all of them, Fenghuang, the Phoenix town, is definitely the most popular one. And it is also one of the most popular tourist spots in China. With its beautiful architecture rippling along the river, and many beautiful bridges across it, it deserves it. It is very popular place to go after visiting Zhangjiajie mountains since it is so close. There are many direct tourist buses going directly from Zhangjiajie city to Fenghuang, or you can take a train to Jishou city and than take just half an hour long tourist bus-line which goes every 10 minutes to Fenghuang.

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