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Fujian Tulou – Round houses in South China – UNESCO Heritage

So, my first movie ever is finally finished and online. It is a short movie (10 min.) about amazing Fujian Tulou, which are located in South China. I have invested a lot of work into that, but it was a great fun. It is my first movie so it is not perfect. I promise I will get better :) I am also attaching script for those who love to read. And please help me share :)

Qianyang | A hidden gem in Hunan province

In November 2013, the highway that is now linking western Hunan (湘西) province's major towns was still under construction. It's after a painful five-hour bus ride from Tongdao that I arrived in Qianyang (黔阳), a small town I had never heard of. Like every town in this remote part of a landlocked province, Qianyang (which is also called Qiancheng 黔城) did not look attractive at all.

Hibiscus Town Furong

Everybody knows the feeling when after seeing a picture you definitely know that you have to visit that place. It happened to me with a picture of Hibiscus Town, Furong Zhen, a small ancient village proudly boasting on the top of a cliff with a huge waterfall flowing underneath – an amazing view. After seeing that picture, I immediately started to search for where it was. You can get there from Jishou City in the Hunan Province. Jishou is the initial station for visiting many other ancient towns in Hunan. Furong Zhen is located about 70 km from there, so it is possible to take a bus.

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