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Taoist Wudang mountains

As a child I loved Kung Fu films. The martial arts caused my affection for China and I am still a big fan of theirs. However, I have never followed the footsteps of Kung Fu in China. Until now. We are about to go to the Taoist Wudang Mountains, the biggest Taoist mountains in China and also one of the birthplaces of Chinese martial arts.

The Holy Mountains of Taishan

Taishan belongs to The Five Sacred Mountains of China, which were celebrated as first in the Chinese history. The term was first recognized during Warring States period (475BC-221BC). It was before Buddhism and Taoism took an important status in Chinese society and even before China became unified (221BC).

Mount Song and Shaolin Temple

In Mount Song there are many beautiful sights. The tourists are lured by the beautiful nature and views, but the biggest attraction of the mountains is a Buddhist temple Shaolin. There are few people who haven't heard about this place. It is famous for all the legends and innumerable films which were shot about Shaolin. Both in China and in the Western world.

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