When in Shanghai, you have to try a Chinese SPA. After entering, you will get a pair of slippers and a key for your locker, where you have to put all of your clothes, and then you will go inside naked. Only employees are wearing swimming suits. The first time, I was little bit nervous about going in front of so many people absolutely naked, but we men can handle these things quite quickly. There are 3 swimming pools. The biggest one has  water of 41°C. Everybody is inside of that one. The other is one with 47°C and that one is almost always empty. That is the cold one. I was the only crazy one to go inside after a hot sauna. Then there are many showers, saunas and stone tables. Stone tables? There are not only naked guests in here, but also people wearing swimming suits. They can provide you various services. The first one is that they will scratch you with a small hard towel. The man will put it around his palm and then clean every part of  your body. It is to get rid of the old skin, which becomes soft after the hot tub and sauna. The next kind of service is cupping. I am sure everybody knows it as it is also very popular in western countries now. A few small, heated cups will suck to your back and let your body  get rid of all of the negative energy. To tell you truth, it is not a pleasant picture to see how somebody is getting it done. The small cup will become filled with red skin and, after removing it, there will be  huge blue marks- sometimes even for a month. OK, we should try everything, except the cupping I was thinking.

I went to see the board with the list of the services. To tell the truth, I didn’t have my glasses on so I wasn’t really sure what I was watching,  but I saw the prices. The first one seemed too cheap. It must be something that nobody is doing, I thought. The second one must be just the massage. It is too cheap for cupping as well. So I told the guy that I wanted number two. I laid down and I was prepared to think all the time that it is an old Chinese guy doing the massage- not a young, beautiful Chinese girl. You know, I was absolutely naked there, so just to be sure. After the first minute though, I found out that it was absolutely unnecessary. What a pain it was! He was cleaning me like a floor. Face was OK, but back, legs, arms, chest and so on- I do not want to mention all the parts that were really in pain. I think he wanted to show off to a foreigner how strong he was- and he really was! I was kind of happy when he finished I was looking forward  to that massage, but he just started to hit my red body with his larger than average Chinese  palms. I really had no reason to worry about thinking that it is not a girl doing the massage. I needed awhile to recover after he was finished and, all of sudden, something landed on my back! It was not a good idea not to wear glasses. The first cup was on my back. Next time, I have to spend more time reading the menu and I will have to learn how to describe things that I do not want in Chinese. I have ordered the cupping! OK, I told myself that we should try everything. Actually, after the beating and scratching, it was kind of nice. Even though my back was full of reddish, bluish, well all kinds of ugly color marks for a few weeks.

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