Personal stories

How I Met Jackie Chan

I think it was 1997. I was nine years old and I saw a movie of Jackie Chan for the first time in my life. And it changed my life. I have never returned the VHS tape I borrowed from my classmate. To this day, I remember it like it was yesterday. The movie was called Police Story 1; it had the original voices in the background and one sound layer over it with dubbing in Polish, which I didn’t understand and together with the original sound it was creating a crazy mix of sounds.I have seen that movie so many times that eventually it was impossible to play that tape again.

My first encounter with China

I first arrived to China in 2009. And my first experience I was confronted with on Beijing airport was a desperation of not being able to communicate. That time, I had already passed few years of Chinese language study, but that airport I found out, that without a long-term stay in China it is not very useful. The longer I stayed in China, the more things have revealed themselves to me. I begun to understand physical rules of China, which are sometimes shockingly different from ours. When I was eliminating the language barrier, I was eliminating the culture barrier as well. But I have learned that China requires patience and respect.