Why You Need a VPN If You Ever Plan on Visiting China

When you will come to China, you will find out that to work with internet is very problematic. Limitations on internet connections are very wide and strict. Not only are many sites blocked, but even connections to the foreign websites which are not blocked is very very slow. One of the most popular tools to override this limitations is called VPN. Why You Need a VPN If You Ever Plan on Visiting China?

ExpressVPN – best VPN solution for China? (updated)

In the last few months it has gotten really tough for VPN users in China. There was definitely some kind of crackdown and many VPNs stopped working. Some are not working at all, some got really slow and some are still OK. My last review was about VyprVPN – you can read it here.

From Astrill to VyprVPN

If there is one thing I do not like about life in China, it is the internet. Since my work has a lot to do with the internet and I use it daily, I need to have a solution - a solution for the great firewall of China. For years (since 2009 to be exact), it was Astrill, but never again!