Shanghai fireworks – photo-essay and tutorial

The fourth day of the Chinese New Year, the God of Fortune is coming down from heaven to the earth. That is why Chinese people tend to have a lot of fireworks on this day. They believe if the God of Fortune likes the fireworks, he will help them to get rich during the year. All people want to be rich in China. We know that; they want it pretty badly. But who doesn’t, right?

Architecture o Ladislav Hudec in Shanghai

I have just finished my photography project about architecture of Ladislav Hudec in Shanghai. Ladislav Hudec was a Slovak architect who studied in Hungary and made a huge career in Shanghai. He has built nearly 100 buildings in Shanghai, some of them is the most spectacular old architecture you can find in this amazing city. I was asked by a Slovak director Ladislav Kabos who shot a movie about him, to document 10 of his buildings for a new book he is writing. In the end I just did eight buildings, because I wasn’t allowed to go to the rest one. Why?

My experiences from the great Shanghai

Have you ever wondered if a city has the characteristics of a man or the characteristics of a woman? I think Shanghai is definitely a woman. Right on the first date, she will suck you in with her appearance. Everyone is staring at Shanghai’s beauty with amazement in their face. They do not even mind the pain in the neck they are getting from watching all these skyscrapers. She will amaze everyone.