Photo gallery: Hongcun village

Hongcun is a village in Yi County in the historical Huizhou region of southern Anhui Province, China, near the southwest slope of Mount Huangshan. The village is arranged in the shape of an ox with the nearby hill (Leigang Hill) interpreted as the head, and two trees standing on it as the horns. Four bridges across the Jiyin stream can be seen as the legs whilst the houses of the village form the body. Inside the “body”, the Jiyin stream represents the intestines and various lakes such as the “South Lake” (Nanhu) form the other internal organs.

Mystic Yellow mountains Huangshan

Supposedly he has invented a horse cart, a boat, clothing and even Chinese football. He improved the lives of ancient hunters by teaching them how to build shelters and to breed animals. The emergence of the Chinese nation is attributed to the legendary Yellow Emperor. For some, he is a fanciful legend, for some he was once a living hero. But I do not want to talk about him. I want to talk about the place where the Yellow Emperor achieved his immortality and from where he raised to the heavens. I want to talk about the Yellow Mountains.