He sat down, drank a cup of tea, and began to put an ink on paper. Underneath his brush, beautiful characters started to emerge. They narrated the stories not only with their meaning, but also with the handwriting of the calligrapher. He wrote them for a long time. He was touches by Genius. Because that is the magic of Chinese gardens. An infinite source of inspiration.

That’s how I imagine life was in Chinese gardens. Before they turned into tourist spots.

Of course, if they had not, only the calligrapher would be able to enjoy its beauty. We would have never seen it. That would be a pity.

April is a month of flowers in China. You can not pick a better time to visit Chinese gardens. Chinese brides know that. That’s why they were everywhere. Not only in Suzhou, where those previous April pictures are from, but also in Hangzhou, where we went afterwards.

Hangzhou is a super modern city with millions of people living there. Still, it’s so green I do not even want to believe where I am. On one side of the West Lake are beautiful mountains, full of small rivers and streams. Entire West Lake area is one large garden. Do you believe this is the city with 10 million people?

I want to be a that calligrapher who lives in a Chinese garden and drinks tea. Unfortunately that time has passed. Perhaps I can at least capture the beauty of Chinese gardens on my pictures.