I have just finished my photography project about architecture of Ladislav Hudec in Shanghai. Ladislav Hudec was a Slovak architect who studied in Hungary and made a huge career in Shanghai. He has built nearly 100 buildings in Shanghai, some of them is the most spectacular old architecture you can find in this amazing city. I was asked by a Slovak director Ladislav Kabos who shot a movie about him, to document 10 of his buildings for a new book he is writing. In the end I just did eight buildings, because I wasn’t allowed to go to the rest one. Why? Buildings of Ladislav Hudec are one of the most prominent buildings in Shanghai. I wasn’t allowed to Country hospital 宏恩医院, where all Shanghaineese high level politicians are treated and to Liu Jisheng´s Residence 刘吉生住宅, which is now Writers society. These are the 8 buildings I did photograph:

  • Ho Tung´s Residence 何东住宅, No. 457, North Shanxi Road
  • Moore Memorial Church 沐恩堂, No. 316 Middle Xizang Road
  • Grand Theatre 大光明电影院, No. 216 West Nanjing Road
  • Park Hotel 国际饭店, No. 170 West Nanjing Road
  • Union Brewery 上海啤酒厂, No. 130 Yichang Road
  • Former Wu´s House 吴同文住宅, No. 133 Tongren Road
  • Catholic Country Church 慕尔堂, Hami Road near the 6th Gate No.1115
  • Hudec´ Residence 邬达克自宅, No. 129 Fanyu Road

Architecture o Ladislav Hudec in Shanghai
At the end of this post I am attaching result of my work. See the embed PDF with example of the photographs I took (click on it to see it fullscreen). I will also update my ibook Three days in Shanghai with directions to these places.

Ladislav Hudec Union brewery

If you want to know more about Ladislav Hudec, I am attaching a small snippet from Wikipedia. But also go check out the documentary about him: Man who changed Shanghai (www.ladislavhudec.eu).

Ladislav Hudec (Banska Bystrica, January 8, 1893 – Berkeley, October 26, 1958) was a Slovak architect active in Shanghai from 1918 to 1945 and responsible for some of that city's most notable structures. Major works include the Park Hotel, the Grand Theater, the Joint Savings and Loan building, the combined Baptist Publications and Christian Literature Society buildings, and the post-modern "Green House". Hudec's style evolved during his active period, from the eclectic neo-classicism popular in the early 20th century to art deco and modern buildings toward the later part of his career. Although some of his buildings have been lost in the intervening decades, many survive.(Wikipedia)

If you can’t load the PDF, open it here: http://issuu.com/paveldvorak/docs/hudec

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