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The Battle Against the Corruption in China

In our media, sometimes there is news that the new Chinese President, Xi Jinping, fights against corruption. The daily reader thinks that this is not significant news. We fight against corruption all the time. The result of this fight is that someone else will steal instead. Later, when the reader continues reading, they will see that in our country people write about this in a tabloid way: How many politicians were executed for corruption in a year; since Mao Zedong times, they overthrew the most important party members; and they found the tons of money-loot of this and that politician; and many similar reports. These kinds of news stories sell well, but why doesn’t anybody write about this sort of struggle that is felt every day on the streets?

Weddings in China

Weddings in China are very much different, that they are in Europe. I am not talking about various wedding traditions... Just the idea of having a wedding is so much different between West and East. Imagine a big wedding in Slovakia. For instance, in a castle with a carriage and harnessed horses, a live band and lavish food...does it sound expensive? Not in Shanghai, because even such an expensive Slovak wedding costs nothing compared to an average wedding in Shanghai. There it normally costs more than 20,000 Euros. And it is not easy for a man to avoid this big amount of money. Why?

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